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The Restoration Process
MILTECH has been in business for over 40 years researching, testing and making sure that only the finest shooting, most reliable, most accurate and most historically significant rifles of the 20th Century are included in the MILTECH collection of firearms! Miltech starts with the best, so that you end up with the best! MILTECH's restoration and remanufacturing process is very different from "modern" firearms production! The fit, finish, functionality and accuracy of a MILTECH firearm can only be achieved with dedicated skilled craftsmen working slowly to produce the very best firearm... every time! With MILTECH, you get an exceptionally accurate, dependable and historically significant firearm from an era when quality craftsmanship and attention to details were the standard! 

The MILTECH Difference starts with the selection of quality Government Issue Firearms, not commercial look-alikes or current replicas - and finishes with a safe and reliable symbol of freedom. 
  • MILTECH uses precision equipment to inspect all stress-critical components, including bolts, receivers, safeties, sears, op rods or slides.
  • All parts are tested and gauged to original government specifications.
  • Metal components are detailed to remove scratches and blemishes without disturbing proof marks, manufacturers codes or acceptance stamps.
  • All metal surfaces are Mil-Spec parkerized to a rich uniform color (M98K Mauser is reblued).
  • Each new stock is hand sanded, stained and oiled before it is custom fitted to each action.
  • All firearms are head-spaced, proof-fired & sighted-in for safety and accuracy.
  • MILTECH maintains a large inventory of replacement parts to keep you shooting for years to come.
  • All firearms are backed by a responsive and courteous customer service program.
The result of the MILTECH Restoration Process is that you end up with a Quality Hand-Restored Firearm that is an excellent choice for competition shooting, hunting, recreational shooting or presentation... at a cost that is only slightly more than a mass produced and machine finished firearm from your local discount store!

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